About Us

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Established in 2011

Our Mission: Working together to eliminate alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among Martin County‚Äôs youth by empowering and supporting them to make good choices.

Founded in 2011, the Fairmont Substance Abuse Prevention (FSAP) Coalition, now Martin County Substance Abuse Coalition (MCSAP) is a group of community members, family, neighbors, and coworkers who work together to prevent underage use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in Martin County in southern Minnesota. MCSAP primarily works to share resources, ideas, and information to raise community awareness in order to promote prevention. MCSAP strives to include in the coalition representatives from the following categories:

  • Youth
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Schools
  • Youth-serving Organizations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Justice & Corrections
  • Business Community
  • Media
  • Government
  • Spiritual Organizations
  • Civic & Volunteer Groups
  • Organizations Focused on Substance Abuse
  • Under-represented Groups